Leather Necklace


After making the painted leather earrings I loved so much, I wanted to keep experimenting with leather and fabric paint. It’s a really fun medium. 

Not all of them are good… I made this necklace first. In my head it was super cool. Once it was finished not so cool. It reminds me too much of the food pyramid. There has got to be something I can do to make it better. Eh, I guess not everything is a win. 


Just like the earrings, I taped up the leather adding an extra line this time. 


Couple layers of paint is all it needed. 




Simple, but so perfect. 

For the full tutorial, check out my leather earrings post. 

I used my woodburning tool on the leather too and it worked really well. The light leather was perfect because it burnt to a perfectg deep brown. I have only been playing around with it but expect to see some new project using it soon! 

PS. for more fun jewelery projects, check out my shrinky dink necklace, washer necklace, or beaded ring

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