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Did you all notice my blog got a fresh coat of paint? It’s looking mighty fine. It’s seemed like a good time to make a change. I was starting to get annoyed with my old template. I was talking with a friend about making some changes to the template, but it was clear it would be easier to just find a new one, not change the existing one. I am very happy I did! It was refreshing to have a new look. I am still working on optimizing all the pages for the new template so you might find some wonky pages and wonky images. 


I also have some shiny new headshots of myself. Let’s all take a moment to acknowledge how great they are…. My friend Edwin did an awesome job. When I was home in April we set up a time to take some shots. It was a blast. He is a truly talented photographer that has been taking his hobby to the next step. Check out some of his work here. 

The last thing I wanted to do in this post was talk about how I haven’t blogged in awhile and apologize. No one wants to read that. But I do want to acknowledge that I did take a little break and I am not sorry. I’m not promising that it won’t happen again. I have been in a weird limbo personally lately and I needed to step away from the commitment. I shared last summer that I was laid off from my job. It was a huge shock and put me in a weird place. I was back to deciding exactly what I wanted to do. Not to mention the endless hours of applying to jobs to never hear back from them. I was lucky to land a contract position in the marketing department at Icebreaker. I really enjoyed my time there and learned so much about digital marketing. I had always worked agency side so it was different going to the client side (aka the dark side). But the dark side has cookies and I was super into it. 

Even though I had a job that I enjoyed, it was always in the back of my mind that in a matter of months I would be back searching. It was a short-term home which was harder than I thought it would be. 

The good news of this story: just a couple weeks after my contract ended I started at Gerber doing digital marketing. It has been fantastic. It’s the perfect blend of overwhelming, busy, exciting, challenging, and rainbows. But I am probably just in the honeymoon stages. 

So with these changes going on, the last thing I wanted to do was force myself to write a blog post if my heart wasn’t into it. And my heart just wasn’t there. I made a couple of necklaces and earrings in the last month and didn’t take a single photo. It felt incomplete but also a little refreshing. But I do plan on going back and recreating them to share because I think you will all love them. 

Maybe I went off on a tangent. Here’s to a blog redesign. 


Also, I am in a Disney movie now. See photo above. 

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