Zentangle Shoes

You know what I love about these zentangle shoes? The teeny-tiny detail that looks awesome up-close but also shows
October 22, 2014

Fabric Flowers

One of the main reasons I have taken up so many crafting habits and why I continue to make things
October 17, 2014

Painted Milk Bottles

Painted milk bottles are the perfect weekend afternoon craft project.  I bet you have noticed milk bottles popping up everywhere
October 14, 2014

Costumes of Halloweens Past

I have been brainstorming costume ideas the last couple days and I can’t help but think back to the
October 8, 2014

Halloween Skewers

I shared the tutorial on making drink skewers awhile back. Check it out if you haven’t seen it yet. It
October 6, 2014

Throwing Away 5 Gallons of Beer

The saddest day: the day we had to pour out 5 gallons worth of beer. It was our attempt to
October 2, 2014

Beaded Ring

I made a beaded ring like this several years ago and I love it! I loved it so much I
September 30, 2014

Summer Review

Welp, it looks like the days of long sun, warm weather, and shorts have come to an end. With
September 26, 2014

Fall Pumpkin Decorations Made from Recycled Books

It’s the first day of fall guys! I know, where did summer go?! I love this time of year.
September 22, 2014

Fresh Grape Juice

For Mom’s birthday party, a family friend brought over a huge box of grapes. These grapes are picked late
September 19, 2014